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ORIGINS: Recent Paintings by Adelaide Murphy Tyrol

September 29 – November 25, 2017

Reception Friday the 29th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Adelaide Murphy Tyrol is an accomplished fine artist whose paintings have been displayed in numerous shows, galleries and museums. She works primarily out of her studios in Plainfield, Vermont and New York City. This year she was one of two Vermont artists chosen to be part of the annual “Contemporary Voices from Vermont”, a 10 month long exhibit at the Fleming Museum “… providing an opportunity to view the work of current Vermont artists within the historical context of their predecessors.”

Tyrol’s work is primarily inspired by landscape and wildlife, but with a strong abstract element. She has traveled world-wide, intimately observing nature, animal and insect life. The work vividly reflects those observations, always resulting in her own distinctive interpretation. Texture also plays a key role in communicating the atmosphere her work so elegantly captures.
“My paintings explore ideas and intuitions I have about the confluence of the natural world and the human enterprise.
Allegory, themes of human interaction with nature, the relationship between science and religion, birth and collapse are ideas that interest me as an artist.

But a painting, first and foremost, is a physical entity; a visual balancing act weighing light with dark, the accidental with the deliberate and specificity with ambiguity.
A painting is formed by many things, but in the end, it is paint on panel. I believe that there is something inherent in this balancing act of materials and physical
properties that has the potential to address deep and untethered parts of the mind.”

Along with her gallery work, Adelaide is co-owner of Oliphant Studios – a scenic painting house in NYC which serves the photography and film industries. She is also a natural history illustrator. Her natural history pieces are often book-size; her scenic work is typically 14’ x 40’.



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