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Group show to feature Carolyn Enz Hack

May 26 – July 18, 2017

We will be showing new works from a group of the gallery’s represented artists and will feature returning artist Carolyn Enz Hack. More details to come!

“I am drawn to media that have a level of transparency and/or structural integrity that may be manipulated to create a dynamic vision. The ability of a material to block, reveal, or reflect other dimensions or layers within the work by warping, fracturing or creating voids for the viewer often plays a role.

My work engages with the concept of fluidity and change in regard to our life experience and how we acknowledge or deny perception of our state of being. As we are flash transients in life, the goal of my work is to draw the viewer into a state of curiosity, questioning their perception, each understanding the work in ways unique to themselves.”      -Carolyn Enz Hack


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