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Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Double Vision: Paintings by Steven P. Goodman and Cameron Schmitz, which will run August 23 to September 24, 2013 . An opening reception with the artists will take place Friday

August 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  The exhibit features two regional artists’ response to the landscape that inspires them.


Bernardston, MA based artist Cameron Schmitz’s work, which includes painting, drawing, printmaking and photography, has been featured at Fitchburg Art Museum’s biannual exhibition, New England/New Talent, Green Mountain College, Kyoto Seika University, Emory University, Northern Arizona University Art Museum, and Rogue Space in Chelsea, New York.  

Schmitz finds much of her inspiration in the landscape. “Whether walking through the forest, driving down an open road, or standing at a gaping, wide, open field, I have a passion for interpreting the light, energy, and spirit that I sense from these locations and merge them with a painterly perspective, to embody a sense of place. This translates into color-specific expressions that illustrate my own fascination with mark-making, visual perception, and the contradictions of movement and stasis. As a part of my process, I allow each image to drive and dictate my use of mark making techniques while exploring emotive qualities that become present during the painting process. Dashes of paint, graphic lines and gestural strokes are evidence revealing an active search and visual dialogue being shaped. It is here that I explore the distilled orchestration of movement and rhythm found within nature and the meditative qualities that each subject provides. Through this exploration, my aim is to provide my viewers with a distinct feeling and sense of meaning, while creating a bridge that connects my own passion and wonder, with my viewer’s own personal experiences,” she says.

Work by Goodman and by Schmitz:

Vermont based artist Steven P. Goodman began his career as a painter, spent many years working in digital imagery, and in the past several years has returned to painting.  This exhibit focuses on his recent small to mid-sized landscape paintings done in oil and acrylic.


“The paintings in this body of work are all balancing acts that explore the various interactive elements of our landscape… the give and take of light and shadow, the push/pull of the topography, the fleeting conditions of weather. In addition, the work explores the boundaries between surface and representational space,” he states.


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