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We are happy to be a creative team from Mexico and New York creating beautiful and unique jewelry and at the same time employing people locally and providing them with fair wages.”Botanical themes” are a rich source of inspiration for our jewelry. The variety of beans, seeds, semi-precious stones, sterling silver and other natural resources serve as a huge palette of color and texture for our creative designs. It’s no wonder humans have been decorating their bodies with the beauty of these natural objects throughout history. Botanical jewelry is one of the most ancient art forms used among the Aztecs and Mayan Indians. They were used for religious ceremonies to ward off the evil eye, for medicinal purposes and more.

The process required to create each piece of our botanical jewelry is very elaborate and time consuming. We first collect all our seeds and beans from different regions of Mexico. Some of these are difficult to come across because they are seasonal and others are more accesible because they are found all year round. Some have to be shelled before they can be treated, hand drilled and polished. Afterwards we use our creativity and nature’s beauty to present you with lovely color combinations and designs. Some of our more elaborate pieces take hours to hand crochet and or macrame because they can have multiple cotton weave strands and 500-1000 beans or seeds.


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