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Momo Glass

There is a pleasure in flirting with the unexpected — layering the glass with just enough complexity as to guarantee some kind of surprise (whether disappointing or elating) when the pieces are fired together and the heat awakens so many seemingly dead materials, and they converse together, the minerals and metals and glaze oxides and the glass itself, and their particular epiphany is preserved beneath the cooling vitreous surface. The system is complex enough, bestowed with the necessary minimum of variables, as to present us with fresh landscapes and horizons on a daily basis.

Rosario Torres is of Argentine extraction, born in Tandil in the Province of Buenos Aires. She is a natural autodidact, gifted at picking up the rudiments of things and then improvising, innovating, and leaping into cross-over genres with her work. She learned the basics ofvitrofusion (glass fusing) in the workshop of a neighbor who taught classes nearby while living in Buenos Aires.

Edo Mor was born in Ramat Ha’Sharon in Israel and moved to the US at the age of nine. He met Rosario while backpacking in Spain, near Jaen in Andalucia. They began traveling together, were soon living together, and shortly after, began working together with glass. It was a love affair, a creative rapport, and a language intensive, all in one.

Their abundance of time spent on four different continents is visible in the work; their feelings and intuitions hover between hemispheres, the Old and New World. Just as important is their easy, willful departure into hermetic, inner worlds. They sometimes spend several days in the studio without leaving for longer than the time it takes for an evening walk.




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